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Accelerated Analytical Laboratories wrote the book on fast, reliable and accurate regulatory testing services (on top of water quality testing) using industry-leading techniques and technology. Serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, sterile compounding, cosmetic, and OTC (over-the-counter) industries with the comprehensive services and testing they continually rely on.

Taking the practices and strategies we’ve perfected over the years, we are now offering water-quality testing to Wisconsin residents and businesses.

Water Quality Testing

With certifications from the EPA, DEA, IL State Lab Of Hygiene, and the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection, as well as accredited to the international standard of ISO 17025: 2010, we ensure that everything we do is set to the highest standards.

Whether testing needs to be done to meet Wisconsin’s newly-revised well construction code—NR 812U (link to http://acceleratedlabs.com/wisconsin-well-water-requirements/), because your water smells, tastes, or looks ‘off’, or just piece of mind, Accelerated Analytical Laboratories is here to help you out. We have an easy-to-use mail-in system that gets the testing done fast.


Accelerated Analytical can help you answer “What’s in the water” and give you peace of mind with a series of tests that we can perform. Whether checking your city water or finding out why your water smells ‘off,’ we can help you.


Industrial water testing brings a unique set of requirements that our efficient, dedicated, and highly-trained staff help companies meet. Providing water quality testing services for city, state and federal permit compliance, we can also provide water quality analysis for petroleum, mineral, food, industrial, manufacturing, and other industries under our various certifications.

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