Well Water Requirements

Accelerated Analytical Laboratories wrote the book on fast, reliable and accurate regulatory testing services (on top of water quality testing) using industry-leading techniques and technology. Serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, sterile compounding, cosmetic, and OTC (over-the-counter) manufacturer spaces with the comprehensive services and testing they continually rely on.

Taking the practices and strategies we’ve perfected over the years, we are now offering water-quality testing to Wisconsin residents and businesses needing to have their well water tested.

NR 812

The latest major revision to Wisconsin’s well construction code – NR 812 – was made official in October 2014, and new requirements have been mandated for well owners.

Bacteria samples are required any time:

  • A well is drilled or reconstructed
  • A new pump is installed.
  • There is pump work involving entry into an existing well.

We offer water quality testing services for city, state and federal permit compliance. We also provide water quality analysis for the world’s petroleum, mineral, food, industrial, manufacturing and other industries under our various certifications.

Nitrate Sample

A nitrate sample is required anytime…

  • A new well is constructed (by the well driller or well constructor).
  • There is pump work involving entry into a well (by the pump installer).

Arsenic Sample

An arsenic sample is required anytime…

  • There is pump work involving entry into a well (by the pump installer).

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