Testing Services

Fast, Reliable, and Accurate

As a full-service contract cGMP-testing laboratory, Accelerated Analytical Laboratories provides the testing services that industry-leading companies rely on again and again. Serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, sterile compounding, cosmetic, and OTC (over-the-counter) industries, our clients call on us because we deliver fast, reliable, and accurate results.

We “want to recognize every AAL employee for your professionalism and ‘in it to win it’ attitudes. You are ‘driving results’! Thanks so much!” —Steve N.

Testing Services

For almost a decade, Accelerated Analytical Laboratories has been providing the chemical testing services that help companies find answers to difficult problems. Working closely with our clients, we can help them:

  • Discover a product’s chemical ‘recipe’;
  • Verify a chemical composition;
  • Discover the cause(s) of failure;
  • Find the source of chemical contamination;
  • Comparison test between products;
  • Identify complex additives in products;

“Because of AAL’s proximity, competitive rates, courier services, rapid turnaround time, accurate results reporting, and precise report documentation standards – our company began to allow AAL to perform chemical actives analysis for us.” – Dale H.

With a 19,000 sq. ft. laboratory facility, cutting-edge techniques and technology, and a customer-focused approach, we support our clients’ R&D activities or proudly serve as their R&D laboratory. Providing each client a dedicated project manager, our clients appreciate the transparency, focus on strict timelines, and attention to detail that we bring to each project.

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“Many opportunities should be afforded David and his team at Accelerated Analytical for their outstanding efforts in achieving such uncommonly high-quality customer service.” —Mo E.

Other Services

Beyond our comprehensive testing services, Accelerated Analytical Laboratories provides a portfolio of services that help companies reach their goals:


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An overview of the Auditing services that AAL provides and a call to action to set up a conversation.

Water Testing

An overview of the Water Testing services that AAL provides and a call to action to send a sample.

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