We are proud to have partnered with a variety of organizations to make Wisconsin a safer place to live and work!


We all want children to return to their classrooms and the activities that make learning fun! To support that, we provide pooled testing options to keep school safe—from regular school days to field trips. The process of “pooling” allows us to test 25 students with a single test! This cost-effective process uses a dual-swab collection method to first test a group, then identifies any positive individual. Upon request, we are able to provide trained healthcare professionals across the state of Wisconsin to aid in the collection process.


Many businesses had to implement a variety of mitigation strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19 while also maintaining operations. Not all companies and industries can sustain business remotely—but, with surveillance testing and other mitigation efforts, they can maintain safe in-person operations. Pool PCR or rapid antigen testing provides peace of mind for employees required to be in-person while drastically reducing outbreak opportunities, allowing businesses to operate efficiently. At Accelerated Clinical Laboratories, we work with each business to determine the best testing strategy for their specific situation.

& Individuals

Our team is proud to provide underserved communities throughout the state of Wisconsin with mobile testing sites. Our mobility allows rapid response to those in need, regardless of socioeconomic status or hard-to-reach location. Our mobile response vehicle can be scheduled and stationed anywhere in Wisconsin in less than 24 hours.

Event Venues

The cancellation of most 2020 events was devastating for venues and organizations that rely on large group of people to enjoy music, athletics, and more. While events are starting to take place again, limited capacities and other restrictions are making it difficult.

Our team has worked with a variety of venues to keep employees and patrons safe, and have lobbied to increase capacities where it makes sense. We believe that, with testing and other mitigation efforts, events can be held safely with increased capacities.

Whether the venue is small or large, our team can create a testing program that caters to each specific situation. Our mobile testing trailer and field operations team can set up on-site testing that ensures a safe environment for everyone.

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From sample collection and laboratory testing to testing during travel, our team can assist with any of your COVID-19 testing needs.