NameMethod/Technique ExamplesApproximate Sample Size Range
ABC TitrationAcid-Base Titrations in Aqueous Solvents10-20 g
Acacia Gum (Arabic) MonographFCC35 g
Acacia Gum (Arabic) MonographNF50 g
AcetateIC2-1000 mg
Acetic Acid, Glacial MonographACS925 mL
Acetic Acid, Glacial MonographUSP100 mL
Acetic AnhydridePer MonographPer Monograph
Acetone and AldehydesUSP2 g
Acetone and lsopropyl AlcoholPer MonographPer Monograph
Acid Insoluble AshTAPPI T24410 g
Acid InsolublesPer MonographPer Monograph
Acid Number/ Neutralization EquivalentASTM D803/ D3643/ D1045/ D664/ D46620.1-50 g
Acid SolublesPer MonographPer Monograph
AcidityEPA 305.1 Mod./ Per Monograph100 mL
Acidity (Sulfamerazine)USPPer Monograph
Acidity as Acetic AcidPer MonographPer Monograph
Acidity as CaCO3EPA 305.1Per Method, 100 mL
Acidity or AlkalinityPer MonographPer Monograph
Acrolein, Glucose, and NH4Per MonographPer Monograph
Activated Carbon MonographFCC35 g
Activated Charcoal MonographUSPPer Monograph
Active OxygenASTM D2180Per Method
Adenine AssayUSPPer Monograph
Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX)Coulometric Titration20-200 mg, 100-1000 mL
Adsorptive Power (of Alkaloids)USP2 g
Adsorptive Power (of Dyes)USP500 mg
Alcohol, Dehydrated MonographUSP500 mL
Alcohol, Insoluble MatterPer MonographPer Monograph
Alcohol/ Ethanol/ Ethyl Alcohol MonographUSP370 mL
Alcohols, TotalUSP/ NFPer Monograph
Alcohols, UnsulfatedUSPPer Monograph
Aldehydes and Foreign OrganicsPer MonographPer Monograph
Alkali, ActiveTAPPI T624,T625Per Method
Alkali, EffectivePer Monograph5 g
Alkali, TotalTAPPI T624,T62550 g
Alkali Hydroxide and BicarbonatePer MonographPer Monograph
Alkali ReserveTAPPI T428 Mod.20 g
Alkali Solubles, MilitaryMIL-C-2165 g
Alkali Solubles, TAPPITAPPI T23510 g
Alkalies and Alkaline EarthPer MonographPer Monograph
Alkaline Cellulase (CMCU)Colorimetric20 mL
AlkalinityEPA 310.1/ SM 4500Per Method, 100 mL
Alkalinity, TotalPer MonographPer Monograph
Alkalinity TitrationSM 2320BPer Method, 25 mL
Alpha Beta Gamma CelluloseTAPPI T2033-5 g
Alpha CelluloseTAPPI T429 Mod.1-2 g
Aluminum (Al)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
AluminumQualitative Per MonographPer Monograph
Aluminum Chloride AssayUSPPer Monograph
Aluminum Sulfate AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
Aluminum, Calcium, and Related ElementsPer MonographPer Monograph
Ammelide, AmmelineManufacturer SpecificationsPer Monograph
AmmoniaEPPer Method
AmmoniaUSP Purified WaterPer Monograph
Ammonia (Non-aqueous)Per Monograph or EPA 350.2 Mod.1-50 g
Ammonia as N in WaterEPA 350.3400 mL
Ammonia, Strong MonographNF100 mL
AmmoniumIC100-1000 mg
Ammonium Chloride AssayACS/ USP/ FCCPer Monograph
Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate AssayACS/ FCCPer Monograph
Ammonium Persulfate AssayACSPer Monograph
Ammonium Sulfate AssayACS/ FCCPer Monograph
Ammonium Sulfate MonographACS125 g
Ammonium Sulfide MetalsPer MonographPer Monograph
Ammonium Thiocyanate AssayACSPer Monograph
Amyl Alcohol and Non-volatile Carbonizable SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
Anhydrous Citric AcidPer MonographPer Monograph
Anion Scan F–, Br–, NO2,
NO3, PO4,
SO4, Cl–
ASTM D4327/ IC/ ISE10-1000 mg
Antimony (Sb)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
AntimonyFCC20 g
Antimony in Antimony SulfideMIL-A-159D4.4.20.5 g
API Gravity (Liquids)Hydrometer/ Calculation250 mL
Appearance of SolutionEPPer Monograph
Apraclonidine HCl AssayUSP/ NFPer Monograph
ArabinoseHPLCPer Method
Arsenic (As)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Arsenic, Method I, ColorPer MonographPer Monograph
Arsenic, Method II, ColorPer MonographPer Monograph
Ash (@ 750°C)Per Monograph/ Gravimetric200-2000 mg
Ash (@ 900°C)TAPPI T4132 g
Ash in Petroleum ProductsASTM D4821-100 g
Ash, SulfatedTAPPI T625 or USP <281> (ROI @ 750°C)0.2-10 g
AsphaltenesASTM1 g
Assay/ Product PurityGCPer Method
AsulamHPLCPer Method
Available LimeASTM C25500-2000 mg
Barium (Ba)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
BariumQualitativePer Monograph
Barium SulfateUSP1 g
Base Number, TotalASTM D28961-10 g, 10 mL
Benzalkonium ChlorideUSPPer Monograph
BenzidineHPLCPer Method
Benzoic Acid AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Benzoic and Salicylic AcidPer MonographPer Monograph
Benzyl Alcohol AssayUSPPer Monograph
Beryllium (Be)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Betaxolol HCl AssayUSPPer Monograph
BicarbonateSM 4500 CO2 D100 mL
BiotinFCC (Except Specific Rotation)20 g
Biotin AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Bismuth (Bi)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
BisulfideAcid-Base Titration10-20 g
Black Liquor Elemental: C, H, Cl, S, Na, K, Solids, Inerts, O
by Difference
TAPPI T6255 g, 100 mL
Boiling PointASTM D1120125 mL
Boric Acid AssayACS/ NFPer Monograph
Boric Acid MonographACS120 g
Boron (B)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Boron (Colorimetric)Colorimetric200-1000 mg
Boron, Water SolubleTitration/ ASTM C791200-1000 mg
Br/ I, Free Br/ ClSO4/
Per MonographPer Monograph
BromateEPA 300.0 Method B/ IC100 mL
BromideEPA 300.0 Method A100 mL
Bromide (Br–), Extractable or TotalIC2-1000 mg
Bromides, Limit ofACS/ EPPer Monograph
BromineIC or Titration50-1000 mg
Bromine Number/ Bromine ValueIP 129/ 8120 g
Per MonographPer Monograph
Cadmium (Cd)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Calcium (Ca)ICP-OES/ FLAA1-1000 mg
CalciumEPPer Monograph
CalciumUSPPer Monograph
Calcium by EDTA TitrationPer MonographPer Monograph
Calcium Carbonate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Calcium Carbonate EquivalentASTM C60210 g
Calcium Chloride AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Calcium Citrate AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Calcium Citrate MonographFCC15 g
Calcium Gluceptate AssayUSPPer Monograph
Calcium Hydroxide AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Calcium Hypochlorite AssayUSP (Sodium Hypochlorite Procedure)Per Monograph
Calcium Lactate AssayUSPPer Monograph
Calcium Nitrate AssayACSPer Monograph
Calcium Oxide AssayUSPPer Monograph
Calcium Pantothenate AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Calcium Phosphate (Dibasic) AssayFCC/ NFPer Monograph
Calcium Phosphate (Tribasic) AssayFCC/ NFPer Monograph
Calcium Stearate AssayPer MonographPer Monograph
Calcium Sulfate AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Calcium/ MagnesiumPer MonographPer Monograph
Calcium/ Magnesium in KClPer MonographPer Monograph
Calcium-D-Pantothenate MonographUSP (Except ID)12 g
Caprylic Acid AssayEPPer Monograph
Carbamide Peroxide AssayUSPPer Monograph
Carbon (>0.5%)Combustion1-100 mg
Carbon (by Induction Furnace, Trace)Combustion/ Coulometric Titration3-1000 mg
Carbon and Hydrogen (>0.5%)Combustion1-100 mg
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen (>0.5%)Combustion1-100 mg
Carbon, Organic (in Soil)Walkley-Black60 g
Carbon, Total Organic (TOC) in LiquidsEPA 415.140 mL
Carbon, Total Organic (TOC) in LiquidsUSP <643>40 mL
Carbonate as CarbonASTM D513(B) Mod. For Solids3-3000 mg, 1-20 mL
Carbonate Qualitative TestUSPPer Monograph
Carboplatin AssayUSPPer Monograph
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) Sodium AssayUSPPer Monograph
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) Sodium MonographUSP20 g
Cation Scan (Mg, Li, K, Na, Ca, NH4)IC/ ICP-OES2-5 g
Cerium (Ce)ICP-OES/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Cesium (Cs)GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in WaterEPA 410.1-410.350 mL
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Non-aqueousEPA 410.150-100 g
Chlorate and Nitrate as NO3Per MonographPer Monograph
Chlorate in WaterEPA 300.0 Method B100 mL
ChlorideEPA 300.0 Method A100 mL
Chloride (Non-aqueous)IC2-1000 mg
ChloridesQualitativePer Monograph
Chlorinated CompoundsPer MonographPer Monograph
ChlorineASTM D808/ IC or Potentiometric Titration50-1000 mg
ChlorineEPA SW846-9057/ 50501-3 g
ChlorineEPA SW846-907650-100 mg
Chlorine, AvailableTitration Using Manufacturers’ Procedures or Procedures
Found in the Analysis of Bleach Liquors
50-500 mL
Chlorine, Residual FreeSM 4500 Cl G200 mL
Chlorine, Total ResidualEPA 330.5200 mL
Chlorine DioxideSM 4500 ClO2 D250 mL
Chlorite in WaterEPA 300.0 Method B100 mL
Chromium (Cr)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Chromium, HexavalentSM 3500 Cr D1-50 g, 200 mL
Cisplatin AssayUSPPer Monograph
Citric Acid AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Citric Acid MonographUSPPer Monograph
Clarity and ColorPer MonographPer Monograph
Clarity of SolutionUSP100-1000 mg
Cloud PointASTM100 mL
Cobalt (Co)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Cobalt Chloride AssayACSPer Monograph
Cobalt Chloride Hexahydrate MonographACS75 g
Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate AssayACSPer Monograph
ColorEPA 110.250 mL
Color of SolutionUSP100-1000mg
Conductance, SpecificEPA 120.1100 mL
Congealing TemperatureUSP <651>20-50 g
ConsistencyTAPPI T2400.5-1.5 L
Copper (Cu)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Copper NumberTAPPI T4305-10 g
CrospovidoneNFPer Monograph
Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate MonographACS80 g
CyanideEPA 335.2 Mod.5-500 mg, 0.1-500 mL
Cyanide, Ammenable to ChlorinationEPA 335.12 x 500 mL
Cyanide, TotalSM 4500 C, D, E1000 mL
Cyanogen CompoundsPer MonographPer Monograph
Density (Liquid)Pycnometer/ ASTM D891 Method B35 mL
DescriptionPer MonographPer Monograph
DextrinPer MonographPer Monograph
DichloracetateIC1 g
Diene ValueUOP 326-8225 g
DiethanolamineIC1 g
Dilution TestPer MonographPer Monograph
Distillation, Vacuum (Rotary Evaporator)EPA Method 204F Section 8.2.225 mL
Dry Prior to Analysis (Specify Time and Temperature)Vacuum, Desiccant, Room Temperature, 40°C, 60°C,
80°C, 100°C, or Specify Other Temperature
DTPAHPLCPer Monograph
Dysprosium (Dy)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
EDTAHPLCPer Monograph
EDTA AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
EPA Method 6Sulfur DioxidePer Method
EPA Method 7 or 7BNitrogen OxidePer Method
EPA Method 7DNitrogen OxidePer Method
EPA Method 8Sulfuric Acid Mist and Sulfur DioxidePer Method
EPA Method 12Lead by FLAAPer Method
EPA Method 13BFluoride, TotalPer Method
EPA Method 16ASulfur, Total ReducedPer Method
EPA Method 24Volatile Matter, Water Content and Density of Surface Coatings1 Liter
EPA Method 24AVolatile Matter Content and Density of Printing Inks and
Related Coatings
Per Method
EPA Method 26Hydrogen Chloride or ChlorinePer Method
EPA Method 104Beryllium by FLAAPer Method
EPA Method 105 Mod.Mercury by CVAA and SolidsPer Method
EPA Method 108, 108A, 108BArsenic by GFAAPer Method
EPA Method 204F, Section 8.2.2Distillation, Vacuum (Rotary Evaporator)Per Method
Erbium (Er)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Erythorbic AcidFCCPer Monograph
EthanolamineIC1 g
Ether ExtractablesMIL-C-21610 g
EthoxylPer Monograph or USP <431> Mod.2-50 mg
Ethyl Acetate AssayNFPer Monograph
Europium (Eu)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Extractable Acidity as SO3TAPPI 42815 g
Extractable Organic HalogensEPA 9023500 mL
ExtractablesPer Monograph/ TAPPI/ AATCC/ ASTM10-20 g
Extraction by DCM SolventTAPPI T20420 g
Extraction by SoxhletTAPPI/ AATCC/ ASTMPer Method
Fatty Acids and EstersPer MonographPer Monograph
Ferric and Ferrous OxidePer MonographPer Monograph
Ferric Chloride AssayACSPer Monograph
Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate MonographACS80 g
FerrocyanidesPer MonographPer Monograph
Ferrous Chloride AssayTitrimetricPer Monograph
Ferrous IronPer MonographPer Monograph
Fineness (Sieve Size, 5 Screens and Pan)ASTM D4749100 g
Fineness (Sieve Size, Each Screen Beyond 5th)ASTM D4749N/A
Fixed Oils, Fats, and RosinUSP20 g
Flashpoint, Cleveland Open CupASTM D92150 mL
Flashpoint, Pensky Martens Closed CupASTM D93150 mL
Flashpoint, Tag Closed CupASTM D56150 mL
FluorideExtraction/ ISE5-1000 mg
FluorideFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Fluoride in WaterEPA 340.2Per Method, 300 mL
FluorineISE10-100 mg
Fluorine by PyrohydrolysisPyrohydrolysis2-1000 mg
Folic Acid MonographUSP10 g
FormaldehydeAOAC/ TAPPI T600/ NIOSH/ AATCC/ NAIMI1-100 g
FormaldehydeEPA SW-846 8315/ HPLCPer Method
FormateIC2-1 000 mg
Formic Acid AssayACS/ FCCPer Monograph
Free Alkali and Soluble SaltsUSPPer Monograph
Free Carbon DioxideSM 4500 CO2DPer Method, 100 mL
Free Citric AcidPer MonographPer Monograph
Freezing PointN/AN/A
FructoseHPLCPer Method
Gadolinium (Gd)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
GalactoseHPLCPer Method
Gallium (Ga)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Germanium (Ge)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Glacial Acetic Acid AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Glacial Acetic Acid MonographUSP200 mL
GlucoseHPLCPer Method
Glucose (Dextrose) Anhydrous MonographACS (Except Specific Rotation)120 g
Glycerin AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Glycerin PurityUSP1 g
Glycerin Purity MonographUSPPer Monograph
Glycerol MonographACS (Substituting USP Glycerin Assay)450 g
Glycerol/ Glycerin MonographUSP (Except ID)420 g
Glycine AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Glycine MonographUSP (Except ID)50 g
Gold (Au)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Gold Chloride AssayACSPer Monograph
Gradient Elution TestACSPer Method
Grind Prior to Analysis (Cryogenic)Liquid NitrogenN/A
Grind Prior to Analysis (Dry Materials Only)Shredder/ Wiley Mill/ Mortar and PestleN/A
Grind Prior to Analysis (Extensive Grind)N/AN/A
Hafnium (Hf)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Handle in Argon AtmosphereN/AN/A
Handle in Nitrogen AtmosphereN/AN/A
Hardness, Total as CaCO3EPA 130.2100 mL
Heat of Combustion (Btu/ lb.)ASTM D58651-5 g
Heavy Metals as LeadUSP <231> Method IPer Monograph
Heavy Metals as LeadUSP <231> Method IIPer Monograph
Heavy Metals as LeadUSP <231> Method IIIPer Monograph
Hexane Insoluble MatterUSPPer Monograph
High Heat Value (Btu/ lb.)ASTM D58651-2 g
Higher Aromatic HydrocarbonsPer MonographPer Monograph
Holmium (Ho)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Hydriodic Acid AssayACSPer Monograph
Hydrocarbon AssayPer MonographPer Monograph
Hydrochloric Acid AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Hydrochloric Acid MonographNF175 mL
Hydrogen (>0.5%)Combustion1-100 mg
Hydrogen PeroxideColorimetricPer Monograph
Hydrogen Peroxide AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate MonographUSP750 mL
Hydrogen Peroxide MonographFCC (Sn Modification)750 mL
Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution MonographUSP750 mL
Hydrolyzable SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
HydroxidePer Monograph/ TAPPI T624, T62520 g
Hydroxyl ValueUSP<401>Per Monograph
HydroxylaminePer MonographPer Monograph
HypochloriteAnalysis of Bleach Liquors20 g
IdentificationPer MonographPer Monograph
Ignitibility (PMCC Flashpoint)EPA SW846-1010150 mL
Indium (In)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Inerts (Black Liquors Only)Insolubles Calculated from Sulfated Ash Residue10 g
Insoluble Matter (Water Insolubles)Per MonographPer Monograph
Insolubles in MethanolPer MonographPer Monograph
Invert SugarPer MonographPer Monograph
IodateTitration1-5 g
IodideExtraction/ ISE/ Titration5-1000 mg, 100 mL
IodideUSP/ ACS0.1-10 g
Iodide or BromidePer MonographPer Monograph
IodineISE/ Titration5-100 mg, 100 mL
Iodine and IodideICP-MS2 grams (solid), 10 mL (liquid)
IodineQualitativePer Monograph
Iodine Absorption Number (on Activated Carbon)ASTM D460750 g
Iodine Value/ Iodine NumberPer Monograph or Wijs Method/ USP <401>0.1-3 g
Iridium (Ir)ICP-OES/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Iron (Fe)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA1-1000 mg
Iron Method IPer MonographPer Monograph
Iron Method IIPer MonographPer Monograph
Iron, Aluminum, and Phosphate for CaCl2USP2 g
IsocyanateASTM D25720.1-2 g
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol AssayUSP100 mL
K Value of Povidone (Includes KFH2O)USPPer Monograph
Karl Fischer WaterASTM D4017/ Per Monograph/ USP <921>2-2000 mg, 0.1-20 mL
Kieldahl NitrogenUSP<461>4-6g
Kjeldahl NitrogenASTM/ EPA5-5000 mg, 50-1000 mL
LactoseHPLC1 g
Lanthanum (La)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
L-Arginine AssayUSPPer Monograph
L-Cysteine HCl AssayPer MonographPer Monograph
Lead- FCC, USP, ACSPer MonographPer Monograph
Lead (Pb)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Lead, ColorQualitativePer Monograph
L-Histadine AssayUSPPer Monograph
Lignin (Acid Insoluble)TAPPI T22210 g
Lignin/ Tannic AcidSM 5550 BPer Method, 150 mL
Limit of BiuetUSP (UREA C13)5 g
Limit of HydrazineUSP (Povidone K90)5 g
Limit of Nitrate, Nitrite, and AmmoniaUSPPer Monograph
Limit of Nonsiliceous SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
Limit of OxalatePer MonographPer Monograph
Limit of PreservativePer MonographPer Monograph
Limit of Sulfur CompoundsUSP/ NFPer Monograph
Lithium (Li)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Loss on Drying (LOD @ 105°C, or as Specified)Gravimetric/ TAPPI/ Per Monograph/ USP <731>20-4000 mg
Loss on Drying (under Vacuum)USP Method III <731>2 g
Loss on Ignition (LOI @ 750°C, or as Specified)Gravimetric or Per Monograph/ USP <733>/ ACS20-2000 mg
Magnesium (Mg)ICP-OES/ FLAA1-1000 mg
Magnesium and Alkali SaltsPer MonographPer Monograph
Magnesium Gluconate AssayUSPPer Monograph
Magnesium Hydroxide AssayEPPer Monograph
Magnesium Oxide AssayUSP/ ACSPer Monograph
Magnesium Oxide MonographUSP20-50 g
Magnesium Stearate as MgO AssayNF/ FCCPer Monograph
Magnesium Sulfate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Magnesium Sulfate MonographACS110 g
MaltoseHPLCPer Method
Manganese (Mn)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Manganese Sulfate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
MannoseHPLC1 g
Melting PointCapillary/ Per Monograph/ USP <741> Method 1A10-20 mg
Mercaptoethylamine HCl AssayUSPPer Monograph
Mercuric Acetate AssayPer MonographPer Monograph
Mercurous MercuryPer MonographPer Monograph
MercuryEPA SW846-7471A1-2 g
Mercury by CVAAEPA 245.1/ SW846-7470100 mL
MesitaldehydeHPLCPer Method
MethanolPer MonographPer Monograph
Methionine AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Method of Standard AdditionsSee Metals SectionN/A
MethoxylPer Monograph or USP <431> Mod.2-50 mg
Methylene Blue Active Substances (MBAS)EPA 425.1 Mod.Per Method, 250 mL
Mineral Analysis of Ash/ Minerals as Oxides: P2O5,
SiO2, Fe2O3,
TiO2, CaO, MgO, SO3,
K2O, Na2O
ASTM D63493-5 g
Molybdenum (Mo)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Nalidixic Acid AssayUSPPer Monograph
Neodymium (Nd)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
NeutralityPer MonographPer Monograph
Niacin AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Niacin MonographUSP (Except Ordinary Impurities)15 g
NickelACSPer Monograph
Nickel (Ni)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Niobium (Nb)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
NitrateQualitativePer Monograph
Nitrate as N (Non-aqueous)IC2-2000 mg
Nitrate by Chromotropic AcidPer MonographPer Monograph
NitriteUSPPer Monograph
Nitrite as NEPA 300.0 Method A100 mL
Nitrites in USP Sodium Chloride MonographPer MonographPer Monograph
Nitrogen (>0.5%)Combustion1-100 mg
Nitrogen CompoundsPer MonographPer Monograph
Nitrogen, European PharmacopoeiaPer MonographPer Monograph
Nitrogen, KjeldahlASTM D3228 Mod./ E778 Mod./ EPA 351.35-5000 mg, 50-1000 mL
Nitrogen, KjeldahlUSP <461>5-5000 mg, 50-1000 mL
Nitrogen, Organic (Calculation)Kjeldahl N, NH3 as
N, Organic N by Difference
2-5 g, 1000 mL
2-NitrophenolHPLCPer Method
3-NitrophenolHPLCPer Method
4-NitrophenolHPLCPer Method
Non-aqueous TitrationPer MonographPer Monograph
Non-volatile with MethanolPer MonographPer Monograph
NormalityTitration20-1 00 mL
OdorEPA 140.1500 mL
Oil and GreaseEPA 413.11000 mL
On Dry BasisOven DryN/A
Organic Acid Scan, QuantitativeIC2-5 g
Organic AcidsIC2-5 g
Organic ExtractivesIon Exchange ResinPer Method
Organic Nitrogen, KjeldahlTAPPI T418 Mod.2-5 g
Oxidizing Substances as Cl2USPPer Method
Oxygen (>0.5%)Pyrolysis2-5 mg
Paint Filter Liquids/ Free LiquidsEPA SW846-9095See Procedure
Palladium (Pd)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Palladium (Pd)GFAA1-1000 mg
Pentosans in Wood/ PulpTAPPI T2235-10 g
Perchloric Acid AssayACSPer Monograph
Peroxide ValueAOAC 965:3350 g
pHEPA 150.125 mL
pHPer MonographPer Monograph
pH (>20% Aqueous or Multiphase)EPA SW846-9040B25 mL
pH (Soil and Waste, <20% Aqueous)EPA SW846-9045C20 g
pH, Cold/ Hot Extraction-TAPPITAPPI T509, T435, T2521-10 g
PhenolHPLCPer Method
Phenolics, Total RecoverableEPA 420.1500 mL
Phentolamine AssayUSPPer Monograph
PhosphateACS/ USP/ EPPer Method
Phosphate as PhosphorusColorimetric50-2000 mg
Phosphate as PhosphorusIC50-2000 mg
Phosphate, ColorPer MonographPer Monograph
Phosphate, OrthoEPA 365.250 mL
Phosphoric AcidACS/ NF/ FCCPer Monograph
Phosphorus (P)ICP-OES1-1000 mg
Phosphorus, TotalEPA 365.250 mL
Platinum (Pt)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Platinum, USP (Carboplatinum)Per MonographPer Monograph
Podophyllum Resin MonographUSP10 g
Polyoxy 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil MonographNF100 g
Polysorbate 20 MonographUSP/ NF75 g
Polysorbate 80 MonographNF96 g
Potassium (K)ICP-OES/ FLAA1-1000 mg
Potassium List of Common TestsQualitativePer Monograph
Potassium Acetate AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Benzoate AssayNFPer Monograph
Potassium Bicarbonate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Bicarbonate MonographACS100 g
Potassium Carbonate AssayFCC/ ACS5 g
Potassium Chlorate AssayMIL-P-1500 g
Potassium Chloride AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Chloride MonographUSP40 g
Potassium Ferrocyanide AssayACSPer Monograph
Potassium Hydroxide Assay and Potassium CarbonateACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Iodide AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Nitrate AssayACS/ FCCPer Monograph
Potassium Perchlorate AssayACSPer Monograph
Potassium Permanganate AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Persulfate AssayACSPer Monograph
Potassium Phosphate Monobasic AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Potassium Phosphate Monobasic MonographNF50 g
Potassium Sorbate AssayNF/ FCCPer Monograph
Potassium Sorbate MonographFCC15 g
Pour PointASTM100 mL
Povidone MonographUSPPer Monograph
Povidone-Iodine AssayUSPPer Monograph
Powdered Cellulose AssayFCC/ NFPer Monograph
Praseodymium (Pr)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Precipitate, R2O3Per MonographPer Monograph
Propionic Acid AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Proximate (Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter, Fixed Carbon)ASTM D31721-2 g
Published Description (Catalog)Per MonographPer Monograph
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride MonographUSP (Except ID Part A)15 g
RanitidineHPLCPer Method
Raw Data, CertifiedN/AN/A
RDF Sample PreparationN/AN/A
ReactionUSPPer Monograph
Reactivity (Cyanide, Sulfide)EPA SW846 7.3.3-42-100 mL
Reactivity to WaterASTM D5058(C)Per Method
Readily Carbonizable SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
Readily Hydrolyzable SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
Readily Oxidizable SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
Reducible Sulfur (Triplicate)Colorimetric10-20 g
Reducing SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
Reducing SugarsPer MonographPer Monograph
Refractive IndexUSP <831>Per Method
Relative Evaporation of Halogenated SolventsN/APer Method
Residue on EvaporationPer MonographPer Monograph
Residue on IgnitionPer MonographPer Monograph
Residue on Ignition (ROI @ 600°C, or as Specified)USP <281> (Sulfated Ash)1 g
Rhenium (Re)ICP-OES/ FLAA1-1000 mg
Rhodium (Rh)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
RiboseHPLCPer Method
RosinTAPPI T40810 g
Rubidium (Rb)ICP-MS1-1000 mg
RustASTM D665A1 L
Ruthenium (Ru)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Salicylic AcidHPLCPer Method
Samarium (Sm)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Saponification ValueASTM D94/ USP or Per Monograph1.5-20 g
Scandium (Sc)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Screening of OxidizerPer MonographPer Monograph
Sediment, Toluene ExtractASTM D473100 mL
Selenium (Se)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
SeleniumUSP/ FCC2 g
Sieve Analysis (Pan and 5 Screens, Specify)ASTM C136100 g
Sieve Analysis (Each Screen Beyond 5th)N/AN/A
Silica, Dental-Type MonographNFPer Monograph
Silicon (Si)ICP-OES/ FLAA1-1000 mg
Silicon Dioxide (High Purity)HF Digestion, SiO2 by
100 mg
Silicon Dioxide AssayEPPer Monograph
Silicon Dioxide AssayIP3 g
Silicon Dioxide AssayFCCPer Monograph
Silicon Dioxide MonographUSP/ NFPer Monograph
Silver (Ag)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Silver Reducing SubstancesPer MonographPer Monograph
SiO2 in
Per MonographPer Monograph
SoapFCCPer Monograph
Sodium (Na)ICP-OES/ FLAA1-1000 mg
SodiumQualitativePer Method
Sodium Acetate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate MonographUSP150 g
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate AssayFCCPer Monograph
Sodium Aluminosilicate MonographFCCPer Monograph
Sodium Bicarbonate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Sodium Bicarbonate MonographACS110 g
Sodium Bicarbonate MonographUSP (Except All Hemodialysis Requirements)54 g
Sodium Bisulfite AssayACS/ FCCPer Monograph
Sodium Borate Decahydrate AssayACS/ NFPer Monograph
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous MonographACS100 g
Sodium Carbonate AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Sodium Chloride AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Sodium Chloride AssayEPPer Monograph
Sodium Chloride MonographACS140 g
Sodium Chloride MonographEP125 g
Sodium Chloride MonographUSP200 g
Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid Oral Solution MonographUSP/ NFPer Monograph
Sodium Citrate AssayUSPPer Monograph
Sodium Fluoride AssayUSPPer Monograph
Sodium Fluoride MonographUSPPer Monograph
Sodium Glycolate AssayNFPer Monograph
Sodium HydrosulfiteTAPPI T62250 mL
Sodium Hydroxide AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Sodium Hydroxide MonographACS140 g
Sodium Hydroxide MonographNF10 g
Sodium Hypochlorite AssayUSPPer Monograph
Sodium Hypochlorite MonographUSP50 mL
Sodium Iodide AssayUSPPer Monograph
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate MonographUSPPer Monograph
Sodium Metabisulfite AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate AssayACSPer Monograph
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic MonographACS120 g
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic MonographUSP35 g
Sodium Phosphate Monobasic AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
Sodium Phosphate Monobasic MonographACS100 g
Sodium Phosphate Monobasic MonographUSP50 g
Sodium Phosphate Tribasic AssayACSPer Monograph
Sodium Phosphate Tribasic MonographACS150 g
Sodium Pyrophosphate MonographFCCPer Monograph
Sodium Sulfate AssayACS/ FCC/ USPPer Monograph
SolidsTAPPI T6252 g
SolidsTAPPI T65010 g
Solids, SettleableEPA 160.51000 mL
Solids, Total (Total Residue)EPA 160.3100 mL
Solids, Total Dissolved (Filterable Residue)EPA 160.1100 mL
Solids, Total Suspended (Non-filterable Residue)EPA 160.2100 mL
Solids, Total Volatile (Volatile Residue)EPA 160.4100 mL
Solubility and ReactionPer MonographPer Monograph
Solubility in WaterQualitative1-50 g
Soluble Starch, SulfitesPer MonographPer Monograph
Solvent PurityGCPer Monograph
Sorbic Acid MonographUSPPer Monograph
Specific Gravity (Liquids)Hydrometer250 mL
Specific Gravity (Liquids)Per Monograph250 mL
Specific Gravity (Liquids)Pycnometer/ ASTM D891/ TAPPI T62450 mL
Specific RotationPolarimetry2g
Stannous Ion in Stannous FluorideUSPPer Monograph
StarchPer MonographPer Monograph
Starch or DextrinPer MonographPer Monograph
Strong Ammonia Solution AssayNFPer Monograph
Strontium (Sr)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Substances Darkened by H2SO4Per MonographPer Monograph
Substances not ppt by H2SPer MonographPer Monograph
Substances not ppt by NH4OHPer MonographPer Monograph
Substances not ppt by NH4SPer MonographPer Monograph
Substances Reducing DichromatePer MonographPer Monograph
Substances Reducing PermanganatePer MonographPer Monograph
SucroseHPLCPer Method
Sucrose MonographNF74 g
SugarsTAPPI T207Per Monograph
SugarsUSPPer Monograph
Sulfacetamide Sodium AssayPer MonographPer Monograph
Sulfamerazine AssayUSPPer Method
SulfateGravimetric10-1000 mg
SulfateQualitativePer Monograph
SulfateUSP (NaCl)Per Monograph
Sulfate as SEPA 300.0 Method A100 mL
Sulfated AshTAPPI T6252 g
SulfideEPA 376.2500 mL
SulfideIodometric or Colorimetric10-20 g, 1-200 mL
Sulfide (Poly)TAPPI T62450 g
Sulfide, Acid InsolubleEPA SW846-9030B25 g
Sulfide, Acid SolubleEPA SW846-9030B250 mL
Sulfide-Free Reducing CompoundsTAPPI T62425 g
SulfiteEPPer Monograph
SulfiteIodometric/ Titrimetric0.001-20 g, 1-200 mL
SulfiteQualitative/ ACSPer Monograph
Sulfite as SEPA 377.150 mL
SulfurICP-OES200-1000 mg
Sulfur (by Combustion, >0.5%)ASTM D4239 Method B/ D15523-200 mg
Sulfur (by Combustion, 0.05-0.5%)ASTM D4239 Method B/ D155250-200 mg
Sulfur AssayUSPPer Monograph
Sulfur CompoundsPer MonographPer Monograph
Sulfur DioxideEPA Method 6Per Method
Sulfur Dioxide (Monier-Williams)FCC/ AOACPer Monograph
Sulfur Forms (Pyritic, Organic, Total Sulfur, Sulfate)ASTM D2492 Mod.5 g
Sulfur Trioxide (SO3)
on Ash
ASTM D5016300 mg
Sulfur, European PharmacopoeiaPer MonographPer Monograph
Sulfur, GravimetricASTM D1291-2 g
Sulfur, PyriticASTM D2492 Mod.2-5 g
Sulfur, Total ReducedEPA Method 15A or 16APer Method
Sulfur in Diesel FuelICP-MS2 g
Sulfuric Acid AssayACS/ FCC/ NFPer Monograph
Surfactants, MBASEPA 425.1 Mod.250 mL
Talc MonographFCC (Except ID Part B, C)/ USP50 g
Tall Oil ContentTAPPI T63550-100 mL
Tannin/ Lignin as Tannic AcidSM 5550B50-100 mL
Tannin-Bearing GumsPer MonographPer Monograph
Tantalum (Ta)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
TCLP Extraction ProcedureEPA SW846-1311250 g
TCLP Metals (As, Hg, Cd, Cr, Pb, Se, Ag, Ba)EPA SW846-6010B/ 7471See TCLP Extraction
Tellurium (Te)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Terbium (Tb)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Thallium (Tl)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
ThiocyanateASTM D4193Per Method, 500 mL
ThiocyanateIC1 g
ThiopheneACSPer Monograph
ThiosulfateIodometric/ Titrimetric20 g, 200 mL
Thorium (Th)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Thulium (Tm)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Tin (Sn)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Tire PreparationDry, Grind, Remove Steel BeltN/A
Titanium (Ti)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Titanium Dioxide AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Titrable BasePer Monograph/ USP/ ACS/ FCCPer Monograph
Titration CurveTitration1-10 g
Total Halides as Chloride (Non-aqueous)SW846-902050-1000 mg
Total Halides as Chloride in WaterPotentiometric/ Coulometric50-1000 mg, 50 mL
Total Halogens as ChlorineSW846-9020/ Coulometric2-1000 mg
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in LiquidsEPA 415.140 mL
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in LiquidsUSP <643>40 mL
Total Organic Halogens (TOX) Non-aqueousCoulometric Titration0.5-2 g
Total Petroleum HydrocarbonSM 5520 F (Gravimetric)Per Method, 1000 mL
Total Reducing CompoundsTAPPI T62425 g
TriethanolamineICPer Method
Triethanolamine, Limit ofUSPPer Monograph
TrifluoroacetateIC2-1000 mg
TrimethylamineIC2-1000 mg
TRIS Hydrochloride AssayACSPer Monograph
TRIS Hydroxymethyl Aminomethane (THAM) AssayACSPer Monograph
TRIS Hydroxymethyl Aminomethane (THAM) MonographACS25 g
Tromethamine AssayUSPPer Monograph
Tromethamine MonographUSP25 g
Tryptophan AssayUSPPer Monograph
Tungsten (W)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Ultimate (Moisture, CHN, Cl, S, Ash, O by Difference)ASTM D3176 Mod./ D2492 Mod.3-5 g
Ultimate and Proximate (Same Sample)ASTM D3176 Mod./ D3172 Mod.5 g
Ultimate and Sulfur Forms (Same Sample)ASTM D3176 Mod./ D2492 Mod.5-8 g
Ultimate/ Proximate/ Sulfur Forms (Same Sample)ASTM D3176 Mod./ D3172 Mod./ D2492 Mod.5-8 g
Unburned CarbonGravimetric2 g
Uncarbonized ConstituentsUSP Activated Charcoal0.5 g
Unsaponifiable MatterPer MonographPer Monograph
Uranium (U)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Urea AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
Urea, NitrogenPer MonographPer Monograph
UV AbsorptionPer MonographPer Monograph
UV ScanPer Monograph100 mg
Vanadium (V)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Vinylpyrrolidinone in PovidoneUSP20 g
ViscosityPer MonographPer Monograph
Viscosity of Pulp, Cupriethylene DiamineTAPPI T2301-4 g
Viscosity, BrookfieldASTM D1084500 mL
Viscosity, Inherent/ RelativeASTM D46032-5 g
Viscosity, IntrinsicSpecify Solvent20 mL
Viscosity, KinematicASTM D44520 mL
Volatile MatterN/A1-2 g
Volatile Suspended SolidsEPA 160.4100 mL
VolumeQualitativePer Monograph
Water Insolubles (Insoluble Matter)Per MonographPer Monograph
Water SolublesPer Monograph/ USP/ ACS1-50 g
Water, Karl FischerASTM D4017/ Per Monograph/ USP <921>2-2000 mg, 0.1-20 mL
Weight VariationUSP <905>Per Method
XyloseHPLCPer Method
Ytterbium (Yb)ICP-OES/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Yttrium (Y)ICP-OES1-1000 mg
Zinc (Zn)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ GFAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
Zinc Acetate AssayACS/ USPPer Monograph
Zinc Acetate MonographUSPPer Monograph
Zinc Carbonate AssayUSPPer Monograph
Zinc Carbonate MonographUSPPer Monograph
Zinc ContentPer MonographPer Monograph
Zinc Gluconate AssayFCC/ USPPer Monograph
Zinc Oxide AssayPer MonographPer Monograph
Zirconium (Zr)ICP-OES/ FLAA/ ICP-MS1-1000 mg
ZirconiumQualitativePer Monograph